October 30, 2015


@vegmjb Post by @vegmjb


My name is Mike and this is a place where I can share my experiences with all of you. I have been Vegan since May 2014 and I can’t ever imagine eating animal products ever again.

I would have to say that my digestive problems has definitely inspired me to go vegan. It has given me the opportunity to change my diet and lifestyle before something bad would have happened. It was such an eye-opener to all the amazing great things that you miss out on when not being vegan.

Making the switch to vegan was a big lifestyle change for me, but I had to make the switch fast. Going vegan has been a terrific experience for me and I am incredibly grateful that I can join such a community and grow from it. My hobbies are running, yoga, reading, and programming. I hope everyone finds my blogging and experiences useful to them.